rectangular lifeforms

After playing around with Cellular Automata and zero-player games, I decided to create one of my own. This one is called relf, short for rectangular lifeforms. It's a game of life, of sorts. Each relf has its own priorities and does its own actions. Relves interact with each other, both in good and bad ways.

I used Jonas Olmstead's cellauto library to simulate the world and the pixi.js library to draw it on this canvas.

Game Settings

Basic Relf Types


Nomads are wanderers. They travel alone and only settle down when the conditions are right.

Nomad Rules of Life


Settlers band together with other settlers and do not wander. They are so reliant on one another, in fact, that a settler will die if it has no neighbors of its kind. Under the correct conditions, a settler will reproduce to create new relves.

Settler Rules of Life


Hunters seek out and kill settlers. They travel like nomads, and can kill a finite number of settlers before dying.

Hunter Rules of Life

Special Relf Types


Warlocks use dark magic to summon hunters in bursts of magic. They remain stationary, but will fire one or more bursts before dying to the dark magic they wield. Each burst creates eight hunters from the warlock's location.

Warlock Rules of Life


Nobles are an evolved form of settler. They do not corrupt into hunters and they cannot reproduce to create hunters. Nobles are also stronger against hunter attacks: they can take multiple hits before dying.